Light rail system in Erzurum

Erzurum Light rail system condition: We believe that light rail system is a very necessary transportation option for Erzurum.

We have been expressing this belief for ten years.

The project we shared with the public as ENER project was not found efficient before.

Later, we heard that some works were carried out by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality. But the end did not come, the result has not happened.

I do not know the approach of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen about the project.

It is my intention that this project will be dealt with seriously in the new period.

There is a need for the comfort of the rail system in a winter hometown where a moving population falls on the road in the morning.

Thousands of laborers who run their jobs in the freezing cold, what can be more important than providing a comfortable urban transportation to hundreds of retired students who want to go to a street?

In many cities people live this comfort.

Thanks to their commanding, decisive managers who are stripped of the confusion and excuse.

An administrator in this qualification Bu

He cannot say 'Well, this is an expensive job', easily ...

Adan But the excuse of legislation iyice cannot be sought without a thorough investigation, without pushing the possibilities.

We call it a light rail system.

From Ilıca to Dadaşkent yer From there, an aboveground system extending from the university and the Yıldızkente can be designed. Believe it is not a camel with the project horse that will be made special to the city in this way.

For details, please look at ENER's detailed project once more.

Why am I talking about it again?

Let me tell you;

Mr. Mehmet Sekmen was convinced that he had a solution-oriented, entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial understanding.

'Do you believe in doing, the difficulty does not listen to the bruise' I hear the praise of friends.

This is a good thing…

While designing large projects ken

On the other hand, if small small steps are taken, miraculous results are no longer a dream.

If you look at the understanding changes, will meet the dream, the city is turning ars

We wish that Mr. Sekmen will be interested in this lasting, beneficial and prestigious project, which will be remembered with gratitude for a century later, even though Mehmet Bey is the founder of this great work.

It is not difficult for Mr. Sekmen to reach the history of the city as a legendary president.

For this, two arms should walk simultaneously.

First, it will implement big projects such as rail system Bir

Second, it will not ease the services that will facilitate the daily life of the citizen, ie simple, simple municipalism. As we pointed out in our proverb's words, daima Beauty is on, 9 of us freeze, et as we pointed out, will bring the city into shape, dress well, fresh bride will always keep it stylish and fancy!




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