Asphalt News

Herekede asphalt works started

Herekede asphalt works began: the Gulf Municipality, the streets and streets of the district began a positive work. Apart from large-scale projects, taking into consideration the demands and demands of the people, paving works are carried out in various streets and streets of the Gulf. [more…]

Asphalt News

Orhaneli-Bursa Road Invites Invitations

Orhaneli-Bursa Road Invites Accidents: The asphalt that has just poured into the Harmancık-Orhaneli-Bursa highway invites accidents. Asphalt was poured on the Orhaneli-Bursa road three weeks ago by a private company working under the control of Karayolları. The stones that do not sit on the floor, while passing vehicles [more…]

Asphalt News

Tuncelide road works

Road works in Tunceli: It has been reported that the 2nd floor asphalt and patch works initiated by the Tunceli Special Provincial Administration on the village roads of Tozkoparan, Günboğazı and Yalınkaya have been completed. In a written statement made by the Tunceli Special Provincial Administration, Tozkoparan in the district of Pertek, [more…]

Asphalt News

Solhan villages asphalted

Solhan villages have reached the asphalt: Our district Kırık Village and Tarhan Village met the asphalt road for the first time. While the vehicle owners expressed their satisfaction, the villagers said we are very satisfied. Elmasırtı Village of the Asmakaya Village group road work, which started last year [more…]

Asphalt News

Hot Asphalt On OSB Connection Road

Hot Asphalt to the OSB Connection Road: Pamukkale Municipality asphalts the road, which was previously sold and where businessmen took their customers to their factories through dusty roads, above the standards Asphalting and road construction works of Pamukkale Municipality continue at full speed. [more…]


Alper Hook for the Third Time at EUROFORGE Vice Chair

Alper Kancak was in the seat of the Vice President of EUROFORGE for the third time: At the General Assembly of European Forging Association, held in Stockholm this year, General Manager of KANCA forged Steel Company, one of the leading companies in the Turkish forging sector, Alper Kanca, European Forging Association (EUROFORGE [more…]


Çardak Bridge Rising

Çardak Bridge is Rising: The works on Çardak Bridge, which was built by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs in Pamukova, continue at full speed. Previously renovating the Söğütlü Akçakamış Bridge, built at the Adapazarı - Serdivan connection [more…]

34 Istanbul

Above the metrobus stop

The overpass above the metrobus stop is held by iron pipes: The iron railings weighing tons of pedestrians and vehicles on the Bayrampaşa-Maltepe metrobus stop on the D-100 highway scare those who see it. Iron lying towards passing vehicles [more…]


Danger of Stray Horse on Highways

The danger of stray horses on the highways: The stray horses, which are released by the villagers in the center of Kars and in the districts in the autumn, give the drivers a hard time on the highway. Horses wandering on the highway especially in the evening and at night cause geese. Kars-Digor, Digor-Kars and [more…]


All Police will be given the right to be punished

All Police Will Be Given Criminal Powers on Eid: Interior Minister Efkan Ala issued a circular regarding traffic measures to be taken during the Eid al-Adha holiday. It is stated that the traffic density increases during the holidays, and accordingly, sad traffic accidents occur. [more…]

16 Bursa

In the New Winter Tourism Season

Teleferik in the Hotels Area in the New Winter Tourism Season: Stating that the cable car construction will be completed until December 1, 2014 without cutting trees, Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. General Manager Burhan Özgümüş, with 186 cabins, sends 13 people to the hotel area a day. [more…]


Uşak Ring Road for Wedding Association

Uşak Ring Road Wedding Association Weather Demolition: Uşak Municipality will connect the city to each other and facilitate the transportation of the hospital Akse Çamlık and the hospital between the houses began to take a big step on the ring road between the demolition. [more…]


105 trucks from Mercedes-Benz to Ulusoy Logistics fleet

105 trucks from Mercedes-Benz to Ulusoy Logistics fleet: According to the statement made by Mercedes-Benz, Ulusoy Logistics, one of the leading companies in the logistics sector, made its choice in favor of Mercedes-Benz. Ulusoy Logistics has sold 65 Mercedes-Benz vehicles through the sales made through the authorized Mercedes-Benz Türk dealer Koluman Motor Vehicles. [more…]

16 Bursa

Siemens Bursalı has preferred the giant

Siemens preferred the giant from Bursa:Durmazlar Holding Board of Trustees Vice President Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik, Turkey's first indigenous tram scheme in which InnoTrans fair in Berlin "Silkworm" and light rail mediator "Green City," he said showcased interests. Turkey's [more…]


AK Party Izmir Deputy Binali Yildirim Description

AK Party İzmir deputy Yıldırım Description: The AK Party İzmir deputy Yıldırım, the number of vehicles in the motor vehicle and traffic in Turkey increased significantly stating that happened, "We split ways, life, and we unite our nation," he said. Cankiri Karatekin [more…]

16 Bursa

Automotive's new favorite is the train

The new favorite of the automotive manufacturer is the train: The center of the automotive industry has taken to InnoTrans, the rail system and technology fair held in Germany. BTSO President Burkay said, "There is a train next for the supplier industry." Arms to become the new Detroit of automotive [more…]