Kaymakcı ambassador to Turkey, Iraq to Discuss Transport Minister Solak'l

Kaymakcı ambassador to Turkey, Iraq Minister of Transportation was Solak'l Opinion: Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı BAGHDAD, Iraq Minister of Transport Statement Jabir Solak was found in a courtesy visit yesterday.

Ministers Solak congratulating Kaymakcı of Iraq in the field of transport in the potential for cooperation with Turkey is very large, Turkey will connect with Iraq's North Sea and the Gulf could establish a road and rail transit corridor and was reminded of the importance of increasing the number of land borders between the two countries.

Stating that THY ties Iraq to the world and especially to the West, Ambassador Kaymakcı said that additional cargo and passenger flights would serve the interests of the two countries.

Ministers Solak, land, air, sea, and to enhance cooperation with railway transportation in Turkey and they want to connect Basra Habur'a, for the second airport and the airport will be in Karbala will be held in Baghdad said they wish to invest in the Turkish companies.

Minister Solak also emphasized that his family name was taken from a Turkish officer who fought his family in Kut-ul Amare.

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