Cheap fuel to metrobus

Cheap fuel for metrobus: In the research published by the Ministry of Development, there were suggestions for the citizens who use their private vehicles a lot to be charged extra taxes and fees for those who enter the city with their vehicle to ease urban transportation.

In the research titled “Comparison of Sustainable Urban Transport Policies and Public Transport Systems” prepared by the Ministry of Development, it was stated that the efforts to reduce city traffic and relieve transportation were insufficient, and suggestions that brought additional burden to private vehicle owners were included.

Abandoned minibuses

Here are some suggestions of the Ministry which are published as an expert thesis and are asked to join the transportation network of the bike:

* In the selection of public transportation systems planned to be built in cities, metrobus, tram and metro systems should be preferred instead of buses on routes exceeding 7 passengers per hour based on 'peak hour' one-way trip request.

* Bus lines should be handed over to companies or to cooperatives established by minibus, minibus and private public bus owners.

Common ticket system

* In the metropolitan cities, minibuses and minibuses should be removed completely or should be arranged to be used only outside peak clocks.

* Common ticket must be integrated in all transport.

* In the calculation of motor vehicle taxes, a more effective and fair method should be developed by evaluating the factors such as annual mileage, vehicle age, emission rate, within the framework of the concepts of “user pays” and “polluter pays”.

* Some of the revenue from fuel taxes should be transferred to municipalities for transportation investments.

Cheap fuel to metrobus

* No tax or low tax fuel should be available to municipal buses and metrobuses.

* In the cities where traffic congestion is intense, road charging systems should be put into use after the public transportation systems are expanded and the revenue obtained should be used in transportation infrastructure.

Increase parking fee

* Access to city centers should be restricted by private vehicle, parking spaces should be reduced and parking costs should be increased.

* Collected fees should be used in the development of urban transportation.

* Parking-bin applications should be installed in the station areas of rail systems.

Traffic should be slow

* To increase the use of bicycles, training should be initiated at a young age, the development of the bicycle path network should be encouraged and road standardization should be ensured.

* Pedestrianization projects should be implemented in city centers. Traffic in cities should be slowed down for the safety of pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

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