Women's act of pink metrobus

Pink metrobus action from women: Saadet Party Istanbul Women's Branch members took action on the metrobus line demanding that only the “pink metrobus” application be used by women.

President Tayyip Erdoğan's lığı Women's bus ehir project, which was not put into practice by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was brought back to the agenda. Saadet Party Istanbul Women's Branches, gathered with the 60 thousand signatures in front of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Building demands and asked for an appointment from Topbas. Women who complained that they suffered harassment in buses, Japan and Malaysia example of showing and "Mr. Topbaş'dan every 4-5 vehicle after the women want only a pink metrobus," they said.

Speaking on behalf of women, Negehan Gül Asiltürk could not reveal any basic solution to two gigantic problems such as m transportation and distorted urbanization bir of the will that governs Istanbul. " said.

İBB President Topbaş pointed out the announcements of the citizens in order to address the problems in public transportation services and he added: Topbas stated that they will take into consideration the demands of the people, no appointment even answer to our request, Halk he said.

The project proposal for the baş Pink Metrobus Kol was carried out in 12 in March 2012 by the members of the Assembly of Saadet Party. a mail was expressed by the authorities, complaining about the indifference.


In the 12 referendum, 2010 pointed out that they voted for the led Positive Discrimination in Women çek principle and stated that they expected 'Positive Action “from Topbaş. Perhaps the ignorant parties can ignore, but we have represented him 60 thousand Istanbullunun has signature and he can not ignore this 60 Istanbul, mez he said.
Asiltürk listed the reasons for the eler Pink Metrobus ler demands as follows:

Ihtiyaç Pink Metrobus is not a luxury or grace for ladies living in this gigantic city, but a crucial and urgent need to ignore. The problems experienced by the Istanbul women who prefer Metrobus due to the intensity of the vehicles, often brings unpleasant discussions. Passengers who are forced to ride in the hustle and bustle of their destination, are obliged to travel with the help of these vehicles, which are difficult to breathe, even though they are pregnant, with children or elderly people.


This situation is further exacerbated by the harassment of femininity, elegance and dignity. After each 3-4 vehicle, if the 1 pink bus is next time, the passengers will be able to travel on a regular basis, preferring a pink colored metrobus. This application will allow women a peaceful journey.


University students who were wearing headscarves supported the action and said, ver We want to travel without being harassed on buses. This can be done at least during busy hours. Men in the Shafa sects accidentally even if women accidentally ablution. We demand that the bus application for women is brought to life as soon as possible Kadınlar.

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