Hospice Metrobus Overpass Renewed

Hospice Metrobus Overpass Renewed: Hospice (Per-Pa) metrobus stop overpass has completed the renovation works. Innovations made in the overpass are designed to relax the transportation of pedestrians and disabled citizens to the Metrobus.

The work done for the convenience of disabled and pedestrian use was completed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the upper passage leading to the Darülaceze (Per-Pa) metrobus station. The 100 meter-wide platform was added to the metrobus station from the Talatpaşa Bridge, which was demolished and demolished by the D-6 highway. In addition, the number of tourniquets was increased to 8 to reduce the intensity in front of the turnstiles. As part of the renovation work, pedestrian ramp and metrobus station renewal processes were also carried out.

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