Great Interest To The New Cable Car Of Uludag

Great Interest in Uludağ's New Cable Car: The cable car, which attracts great interest from Bursa residents, continues to be the first choice of those who want to go to Uludağ and cool off when the weather gets warmer.

Those who come to Uludağ without waiting with the decrease in the exit time, long queues in the way of landing in the evening. In the old system, the cable car departing every half-hour was affected by bad weather, and the number of passengers was limited to 40. Citizens coming to Sarıalan in 12 minutes in the new system without waiting in queue, even though there are evening hours, Uludağ uses the cable car to get the air, long queues are formed on the way back.

Citizens, while expressing their satisfaction from the new ropeway, the authorities like the old system on Wednesday is a public day and discounted ticket application wants to come back.

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