34 Istanbul

Haydarpasa Train Station

Haydarpasa Train Station opened the show: Finance Minister Simsek 'privatization scope' will be taken to say that Haydarpasa Station for the first time yesterday attended a conference attended by foreign investors and financiers. The meeting brought to mind the question, 'Has Haydarpasa Train Station showcased?' [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara Transportation Rates

In Ankara, the public transportation fees to the Zam Geld: According to the new tariff set in Ankara EGO buses, Ankaray and Metros full boarding 2 TL, discounted ride was 1,50 TL. Yesterday in Istanbul after the increase in public transportation fees in Ankara today, [more…]


Railways open to private sector

Railways open to the private sector: Private sector starts in railways. Speaking to Sabaha'a Minister Lütfi Elvan said, et We think about freight transportation in the first place. High-speed train passengers, we will carry the load quickly, taşı said modern railways in the direction of modernization [more…]


Chester Project

The Chester Project: One of the biggest symbols of the Industrial Revolution, the railway entered the Ottoman Empire many times before. The first railway within the borders of the Ottoman Empire was built between Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt with the encouragement of the British. [more…]

35 Izmir

In İZBAN, here is the formula

IZBAN formula here: experts on how to increase the frequency of trips in IZBAN proposed various formulas. Stating that it is necessary to renew the signaling system of the TCDD, which covers a period of about one year, the authorities said, “ [more…]

37 Kastamonu

President Babas Kastamonu again on the agenda of the cable car project

Kastamonu President of the cable car project again took to the agenda: Kastamonu Municipality planned to be between the Castle and the Clock Tower, but the Supreme Council of the High Board of the shelter sheltered in the absence of permission, the project came to the agenda of the municipality. Science in Kastamonu Municipality [more…]