Significant progress in Manisan's ropeway project

📩 15/12/2018 17:05

Significant improvement in Manisan's ropeway project: Starting from Uncubozköy in Manisa and ending at the summit of Spil, 40 expected cable car line for years.

The construction of the cable car which will be composed of 7.5 skylights with a length of 2 km, whose construction has been completed in Manisa but has changed due to wind danger in the recent days, is awaiting development. The project will be presented to the approval of the Metropolitan Council after the completion of the regional reconstruction work to be carried out in the Uncubozköy neighborhood where the cable car foot will be placed.

The 7.5 2 will be built in Manisa and the planned 50 will be built in a short period of time. The route for the cable car project which cost XNUMX million liras has been changed due to wind danger. Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs of the General Directorate of Meteorology after the work of the teams, due to the wind determined to create a danger Spil Mountain Yamaç Tepe route line, shifted to the route route to the route to the route. The route, which is determined as the new route, was presented to the approval of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs.

After the approval of the Ministry last August, the first digging was planned to build a ropeway project, this time the zoning. After the Manisa Courthouse, to the Tepe Tepe, and then to the Spil Mountain Horse Field, the regional reconstruction studies were started in the Uncubozköy neighborhood where the starting leg will be placed for the project planned as 3 station. The project will be submitted to the approval of Manisa Metropolitan Council after the development works to be completed and the first digging will be hit after approval.

Forest Water Works Ministry of Nature Conservation National Parks 4 Deputy Regional Director Osman Malkoç, with the ropeway project planned to be implemented on the Spil Mountain sport hotel and health hotel construction is underway, and the completion of the projects will be a total investment in Manisa 100 thousand TL investment will be made . Malkoç stated that following the reconstruction work, the ropeway project will accelerate. Şirket Tekinalp Group of Companies, which has received the cable car tender, signed a contract with the Austrian Doppelmayr cable car company. Following the reconstruction approval, construction works will begin without losing time. 2 will be completed in the year. 60 cabin with an hourly 500 person to the summit of Spil Mountain project we aim to contribute to the project we aim to contribute to Manisa.


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