Uludağ Smart card era starts at the ropeway

Uludag Smart card era starts at the ropeway: The smart card system developed by E-Kent has been renewed after the bus, minibus, ferry, light rail and metros in the city transportation, as well as the social facilities in the operation of local administrations, museum, zoo, planetarium and parking facilities. It will also be used in Bursa Uludağ Cable Car.

E-Kent, which provides infrastructure transformation with integrated city solutions in the cities it serves, and develops new revenue generating value-added business models for the management, added a new one to the channels where Smart Cards will be used. Complete integration of the smart card system, which will be used in the Bursa Ropeway system, has been completed. This card has been fully integrated into the city of Bursa by means of the cable car access included in the electronic fare collection system.

E-Kent General Manager M. Nabi Temuçin who mentioned that they started their journey with Smart City Modern Life motto; C The main purpose of E-Kent, which produces new generation solutions required by modern urbanism; Smart card system, not only in the transportation industry, but also in different media to be accepted, by creating a fully integrated city card system and to facilitate the life of the citizen said.

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