06 Ankara

Şentepe-Yenimahalle Great interest in the cable car

Şentepe-Yenimahalle cableway great interest: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality carried out by the construction of Turkey's first public transport purpose gondola cable car from Şentepe-Yenimahalle only 10 150 thousand citizens took advantage of a day. Security test last week after the test [more…]


Interstate Roadside Landfill

Interstate Roadside Landfill Mu: Interstate road litter caused complaints and was asked to be sensitive to this issue. Those who see the garbage bags left on the road between the cities on the highway in Tavşantepe, Kayseri are reacting. Especially, [more…]


Light Looked In Malatya Karahan Tunnel

Malatya Karahan Tunnel Light Looked: Malatya Governor Vasip Sahin, with the accompanying delegation, Malatya-Kayseri highway in the Karahan Tunnel, which is under construction, made investigations. According to a written statement made by the Governor of Malatya, the excavations in the left tube of the tunnel ended during Sahin's investigations. [more…]


Button pressed for first private highway

The button for the first private highway was pressed: General Director of Highways Cahit Turhan, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge connection ways until the end of the year with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model they plan to tender, said:: The tender preparation work was completed. Undersecretariat of Treasury [more…]