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Demirel's Lovers Association President Demirel Trust Reaffirmed

Demirel Güven, President of the Association of Railway Lovers, refreshed: Kemal Demirel, the founding chairman of the Association of Railways Lovers, reaffirmed confidence in the first congress. The 1st regular congress of the Association of Railway Lovers was held at the Ördekli Cultural Center. Chairman and founder of the association Demirel Tek [more…]


Indigenous Frima Avikon Gaziantep Smart Stations

Domestic Frima Avikon has commissioned the Gaziantep Smart Stop System: Avikon has commissioned the Smart Stop System, developed within the scope of the project carried out by the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

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What is a Smart Stop System?

What is the Smart Stop System: The Smart Stop System is a smart automation system installed between vehicles and stops on the rail system (train, tram, etc.) and highways (bus, metrobus, trolleybus, etc.). Innovative and modern Smart Stop System developed by Avikon [more…]


How Estram Affects Property Prices

How Estram Affected Real Estate Prices: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System (ESTRAM) 's work and the new network with the addition of new lines, the tram network, both in the region as well as the real estate market has been reported to affect positively. [more…]


And Alaeddin-Mevlana tram line work begins

And Alaeddin-Mevlana tram line works are under way: Alaeddin-Mevlana tram line works of Konya are waiting with curiosity. Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Alaeddin Hill and Mevlana Square between the tram line work will begin tomorrow. Tram passes through the middle of the historic street [more…]

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Sirkeci Station statement from TCDD

Sirkeci from the Railway Station Description: The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the General Directorate "Fire in the Sirkeci Train Station titled" reflect the fact that the news was reported to be in a hotel near the fire station. In a written statement from TCDD General Directorate, some [more…]

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Fast Train Saboteurs Must Be Displayed

High Speed ​​Train Sabotageists Should Be Exposed: The high-speed train between Ankara and Istanbul would be put into service in 2001. The lawsuit filed by one of the companies participating in the tender to the Ankara Administrative Court ended after 5 years. As such, between Ankara and Eskişehir was activated. Eskisehir [more…]

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Long distance discount for OV card users

Long distance discount for OV card users: There was a news that will be useful for OV card users, which are valid on trams, subways, buses and trains. This application will please especially long distance passengers. Public transport companies, passenger rights protection organization [more…]


Tramway works on Mevlana Street

Tramline works on Mevlana Street: Within the scope of the works on Alaeddin-Adliye tram line, which is under construction by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, lane narrowing works will be carried out on Mevlana Street on Tuesday, 24 June, and alternative vehicle transportation will be provided from Başaralı and Şerafettin streets. [more…]

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Cyclists are very happy with the new ropeway

Cyclists are very pleased with the new ropeway: The new ropeway, which was put into operation last week, is flooded by cyclists as well as those who want to visit Uludag. The new ropeway is the choice of cycling groups as well as citizens. Doing sports on the weekend [more…]