35 Izmir

Smuggled theft in İZBAN

IZBAN theft service disrupted: Izmir Suburban System (IZBAN) due to the theft of train service aksadı.Alen received, according to information from the Menemen-Ulukent IZBAN line, the electrical energy transfer to the wires in the wire was stolen catenary iron. Due to theft [more…]

34 Istanbul

24-hour work at the Third Bridge

24 hour shift on the Third Bridge: The construction of the Northern Marmara Highway, which includes the third bridge, continues rapidly. In the highway construction, the working hours end in the evening, but the construction of the bridge continues for 24 hours. [more…]


Train Head Mixed

Confused Train Organization Workers: With the latest recruitment, newly recruited Train Organization Workers are invited to train, and a Movement course is also offered. [more…]


5 Injury to Train Car

Train Car Diameter 5 Injured: 5 people in Zonguldak were hit by the train. The accident occurred at a level crossing near Ahatlı village of Çaycuma district. According to information obtained, the coal-loaded train, Recep Çıtak [more…]

01 Adana

Unequaled Adana Metro

Unrivaled Adana Metro: Aytaç Durak, one of the former mayors of the Metropolitan Municipality, told the memories of Adana Medya. In terms of the problem affecting the fate of the city, the most striking subject was the metro. [more…]


Please don't touch the walkway

Please do not touch the path: At the moment, there is a very important debate on the agenda of Izmit. Inevitable; Izmit has a serious traffic and transportation problem. Again known; Metropolitan Municipality, 30 March elections [more…]


You will choose the color of the tram Konyalı

Konyalı will choose the tram color: Konya Metropolitan Municipality is asking citizens about the color of the 12 tram that will run between Alaeddin and Courthouse. The work of Konya Metropolitan Municipality to establish the tram line between Alaeddin and Courthouse continues at full speed. Short time [more…]


How many new tram services in Konya

How many new trams serve in Konya: Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, 60 latest model trams to the city kazanHe said that they are increasing the number of vehicles and that 4 new vehicles are included in the fleet every month. Thus, the trial flights were completed and they were put into service. [more…]

Asphalt News

Coverage Works Started on Korkuteli-Bucak Road

Coating Works Started on Korkuteli-Bucak Road: Coating construction started on the divided road between the town of Korkuteli and Bucak in Antalya and the Garipçe-Industry Junction. District Gendarmerie Command Traffic Team Command teams, against possible accidents [more…]


Gediz-Usak Divided Highway Work Has Started

Divided Highway Work Begins Between Gediz-Uşak: Divided road works have started on Gediz-Uşak Highway. Tender for divided road of Gediz-Uşak Highway kazanthe contractor Bayburt Group Company, construction site in Abide Village for road construction works [more…]


Niksarda Safe Tractor Training

Safe Tractor Use Training in Niksar: Training seminar was given to tractor drivers in Niksar district of Tokat. A “Safe Tractor Use Training Seminar için was organized for tractor drivers within the scope of Highway Traffic Safety Action Plan. Niksar County [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir finishes ropeway Denizli finishes

İzmir could not finish the cable car Denizli is finishing: While the Balçova cable car, which has become the symbol of İzmir, has been left to its fate for 7 years, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will open the cable car between Bağbaşı-Zeytinli plateau into service 4 months later. Izmir, [more…]


Traffic Training in Pilgrims

Traffic Training for Pilgrims: Traffic training for pilgrims Within the scope of Child Traffic Training project in Hacılar town of Kırıkkale, Highways Traffic and Road Safety Research Association and Police Department Traffic Registration Inspection Branch Directorate. [more…]

Asphalt News

Streets are being paved in Bahçecik

The Streets are Asphalted in Bahçecik: The teams of the Science Works continue their asphalting works on the streets in Başiskele Bahçecik. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department teams continue their asphalting work throughout the city. Teams Başiskele's Bahçecik [more…]


Kasımpaşa-Sütlüce tunnel ends

Kasımpaşa-Sütlüce tunnel ends: The tunnel was built to ease the traffic density at the Kasımpaşa-Sütlüce junction. Minister Elvan bin 300, who participated in the 'Light appeared' ceremony and used the machine [more…]

Asphalt News

The people of Avsallar want asphalt

The people of Avsallar want asphalt: The citizen says, “We want asphalt in return for the 271 thousand TL that Avsallar Municipality invested in Alanya Municipality before the election”. The people of Avsallar, by the Municipality of Avsallar, on behalf of Alanya Municipality, TÜPRAŞ Aliağa [more…]

Asphalt News

The First Asphalt of the Year Spilled in Kumluc

First Asphalt of the Year Poured in Kumluca: The first asphalt work was started in Kumluca district, whose borders were expanded with the Metropolitan Municipality Law, with the contributions of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Before the neighborhood, town and village within the boundaries of Kumluca district, [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT to be connected to Marmar

YHT will be connected to the Marmaray: The opening of the 533 kilometer section of the total 266 kilometer line will be made after the completion of ongoing signaling, road and catenary tests. The journey time between Istanbul and Ankara will be done through Arifiye in the first place. [more…]


24 hours overtime on the third bridge

24 hour overtime on the third bridge: The construction of the North Marmara Motorway, which includes the third bridge, continues rapidly. In the construction of the highway, the work ends in the evening hours, but the construction of the bridge 24 [more…]