06 Ankara

High Speed ​​Train Tunnel

The high speed train tunnel is at the complete stop: 2 between Ankara and Istanbul. Negotiations for a stop at Mudurnu for the High Speed ​​Line have not been concluded yet; but positive for the tunnel [more…]

34 Istanbul

The base of the third airport is 7 in June

The foundation of the third airport in 7 in June: The foundation of the third airport in Istanbul will be laid with a ceremony in 7 in June. 3. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the airport. Istanbul will be the third [more…]

22 Edirne

Fiberoptic thieves changed line

Fiberoptic thieves changed line: Two female 5 people stolen fiberoptic cable and metal protectors from the train line, which was undergoing renovation work between Istanbul and Edirne. Gendarmerie cables and metals acting upon notice [more…]

53 Rize

Signatures for Rize ropeway project

Signatures were signed for the Rize ropeway project: A total of 480 m2 area was expropriated for the construction of the ropeway project in Paşakuyu District. Rize Municipality says that the project will make a great contribution to the tourism of Rize. [more…]