Cable Car Journey of the Crazy Rizelis

Crazy Rize People's Ropeway Ride. The gendarmerie took action when the footage of the two young people traveling by hanging on the primitive cable car in Rize was published.

When the images of two young people traveling on a rugged ropeway, called 'varangel' in Rize, were published on the social networking site, an investigation was initiated.

In Rize, the two young people who are hanging on a ropeway to the 150 meter, which is installed between two slopes, cross the street. Dangerous journey images recorded with your mobile phone are published on a social networking site. It was learned that the gendarmerie teams started to work on the identification of persons in the images.

Rize, which is widely used in freight transportation, but occasionally used by people in the transportation of primitive cable cars cause accidents. The 3, who fell from the primitive ropeway known as the Varangel, was killed last year.



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