Protest in Istanbul

Protesting the increase in transportation in Istanbul: Members of Halkevleri protested the hike in Istanbul by making free passes through the turnstiles.

Members of the Community Center made a press statement at the Mecidiyeköy metrobus stop in order to protest the 10 percent increase in public transportation in Istanbul. While the banner "We want free quality transportation" was opened in the statement, "Transportation is right, it cannot be sold" and "Free transportation in the morning, 06.00-09.00 in the morning, 17.00-20.00 in the evening" were carried. In the statement, supported by the Student Collectives, slogans were shouted, "Jump from the turnstile on the Akbil push" and "How far is the raise here?"

Speaking at the protest, Halkevleri Istanbul First Regional Representative Hasan Polat reacted to the UKOME's statement that there has been no increase since September 2012 and said that the reason for the lack of hike was the fear of public reaction after the Gezi resistance. Polat reacted to the presentation of Marmaray, Haliç Metro and 3rd bridge projects like a blessing and said, "The job of the mayor is not to turn the municipality into a business center, but to provide safe, qualified and free transportation services to the public." Stating that transportation is a right, Polat stated that it should be free of charge between 06.00-09.00 and 17.00-21.00, which are the return to work and school hours, and said, “There is no justification for these hikes. The transportation hike should be withdrawn immediately, ”he said.

After the press release, the group went through the tourniquets without charge and protested the hike. Saying that the right to free transportation is legitimate, the group directed the citizens who want to pass by using akbil and provided them to enter the metrobus stop free of charge.

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