İZBAN Partners spoke

İZBAN Partners spoke: Although the new investments in İZBAN, whether the frequency of frequent expeditions to representatives of experts and civil society organizations in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD also came by comments.

Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, these proposals before the ceremony for the purchase of the 40 train set and the period of Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim gave instructions on the subject, stating that they will continue to work to achieve the ultimate goal, "today's frequency of business and capacity can not reach the goals" said. TCDD officials pointed out that the protocol is planned for 2015-2025 years.

Need to be increased

Stating that İZBAN is the backbone of the north-south line in İzmir transportation, Aziz Kocaoğlu confirmed that the number of voyages in İZBAN should be increased as soon as possible. Kocaoğlu stated that the breakthroughs that will make İZBAN work more efficiently should come to life as soon as possible. TCDD also supported the project by sending additional checks. I thank them. Right now, our new locks are coming. They'il be activated after the trials. However, additional works on electrification and signaling in İZBAN line and other train services in TCDD operation have reached the number of passengers we target.
makes it harder. As İZBAN, we cannot reach the number of passengers and revenue we need to carry. İZ

Lightning instructed

Pointing out that TCDD's mainline trains did not enter the İZBAN line during the peak hours and they had made the suggestions like passenger transfer before themselves, Kocaoğlu stated that they had expressed their opinions about the increasing the number of flights in order to increase the passenger carrying capacity. told.

This problem, 40 set train for the ceremony at the ceremony held at the İZBAN Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim indicating that together with Kocaoglu, "even if I do not remember wrong, Mr Yildirim on that day 'TCDD officials give instructions for integration here,' he said. In this regard, the management of İZBAN is in correspondence with the TCDD 3 District and the related departments in the Head Office. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are ready to support İZBAN for the increase of passengers with the new plans we will make Büyük.

İZBAN main spine

Kocaoğlu also shared his studies on this subject and said: “We are getting new series consisting of 95 wagons to İzmir Metro. Karşıyaka The tram is completely İZBAN destinations. We have 16 bus transfer centers at İZBAN stations. We connect all of these to İZBAN as the main spine. With these supplements and new extensions, we can easily surpass the 550 thousand journey prediction which is the ultimate goal of İZBAN. İZBAN becomes a company that can turn itself financially in a short time. However, we cannot achieve these goals with today's operating frequency and capacity. ”


Mehmet Aycı, the Press and Public Relations Consultant of TCDD, said that after the infrastructure of the stations, signalization and electrification processes can be done. Ayhan said, alın With the new sets to be taken once, the carrying capacity will be increased. For example, two vehicles will be removed to three. Increasing the number of expeditions in the surveys was between 2015-2025 years. This feasibility of the municipality is not exclusive today. It will take place in the coming period. İZBAN is a different legal entity. The municipality and IZBAN will evaluate the situation and will do whatever is needed in line with the need. In the protocol with the municipality, it is stated that this line is the TCDD line. This is not true if the impression that 'TCDD's business is making it difficult for IZBAN to operate'. They say the stations were built and delivered to TCDD. But the signaling and electrification is something made after the infrastructure. After these works are completed, the new line will be opened. Currently increasing the carrying capacity Şu.

We gave special importance to the project

Underlining that İZBAN is a very unique model established as a partnership of local and central government, Aycı said, “As TCDD, we gave special importance to this project. Both institutions have their own directorates. These are tasks that depend on protocols and require certain processes. Izmir when everyone fulfills their responsibilities kazanIyor, Turkey kazanhe's eating. There has been no problem so far," he said.

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