With 5 Wagons Arrived Yesterday from South Korea, Marmaray's wagons were completed to 60.

5 wagons needed within the scope of the Marmaray project were brought from South Korea. As a result of the introduction of 55 wagons and new arrivals, the number of wagons was 60. It has been reported that the test drives of the newly arrived wagons have been carried out.

The wagons of the much talked about Marmaray project were brought… Wagons were brought to Istanbul as part of the Marmaray project for use from South Korea. After the 5 new wagons were brought to Istanbul for the Marmaray Project, the test drive of the 55 wagons that had already been brought in, the assembly process of the new wagons was started.

It was reported that the number of wagons was 55 after 5 newly brought wagons and 60 new wagons were brought to Haydarpaşa Station to conduct test drives.

Source : http://www.gazete5.com

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