Train Accident Lawsuit Opened

A Lawsuit Concerning the Train Accident in Mersin: The investigation on the train accident, which occurred on 20 March in Mersin and killed 12 people and injured 2 people, was completed.

The investigation of the train accident that took place on 20 March in Mersin, where 12 people died and 2 injured, was completed. According to the expert report in the indictment prepared by the prosecutor, it was stated that the barrier officer was 60 percent, TCDD was 30 percent and the service driver was 10 percent defective.

In the indictment prepared by the public prosecutor Ali Avan, who is conducting the investigation about the train accident, 10 people were on the scene at the scene of the accident, when the barrier at the 'controlled level crossing' was open during the service vehicle under the direction of Fahri Kaya and continued on the rails, It was stated that 2 people lost their lives in the medical institutions where they were treated. It was also noted that Uğur Ateş and Servet Çelik were injured in the accident. In the indictment that Erhan K. served as a barrier officer at the level crossing at which the incident occurred, it was stated that the accident did not close the barriers during the passage of the train.

In the expert report prepared about the accident, it was stated that the barrier officer Erhan K. could be absent during the accident, “I am of the opinion that the barriers are open when the service vehicle passes. It is not possible for the vehicle to push through the barriers. No wear and breakage were detected in the barriers. It was understood that the officer did not close the barriers as a result of a thoughtfulness. I believe that Erhan K. is at first degree 60 percent originally defective. ”

Wins occurred the location of the barrier guard the containers located near established that adversely affect the angle of the vehicle driver to the location given in the report, on the grounds that no adequate warning system at level crossings Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate were recorded in the first degree, 30 percent primary flawed. It was stated that the service driver Fahri K. also had to control the road even if the barriers were open, so there was a secondary defect of 10 percent.

In the indictment, which was accepted by the Mersin 1st High Criminal Court, it was stated that the barrier officer Erhan K. and the service driver Fahri K. 'were found to have been killed and injured by negligence, and that they were arrested for crime thrown on them for 15 years. They were asked to be punished with imprisonment.

20 people died and 62028 were injured as a result of the passenger train 33, which made the Mersin-Adana trip on 1104 March in the central Mediterranean district of Adanalıoğlu, hit by a 12 M 2 plate minibus under the direction of Fahri K.

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