Tram line rails on Istiklal Street will not make vibration

The rails of the tram line on Istiklal Street will be made non-vibrating: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said that the broken ground of Istiklal Street will be renewed and the tracks of the tram will be made not to vibrate.

Mayor Kadir Topbaş, answered the questions of journalists on the agenda in the program he attended in Eminönü. On a question about the precipitation that is effective in Istanbul, Topbas said, üzerine Every drop in Istanbul is in favor of the drop. In terms of parks and gardens in terms of occupancy rates in our dams. Last week we held a meeting with the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs on Sunday. We made an evaluation together with DSİ and İSKİ authorities and drew our road map. In other words, the comments of the Minister about the fact that Istanbul will not be thirsty is already a result of our work. These rains offer significant impact.

It enriches underground ground water. It also contributes to the dams, but not as much as we want. Istanbul has become a city where water is used seriously. Water consumption exceeding 2,5 cubic meters per day. We are an energy-dependent country. The responsibility of the city of people living in a civilized city is to use natural resources correctly. Here, we continuously warn about energy and fuel savings. 85 is the energy of the cost of the other water until it comes to the tap. Therefore, I would like to state that we want sensitivities even in water and that we should use it carefully. Ğ


Noting that the Melen Dam will be completed in November of 2016, Topbaş said ay The first line in Melen is already carrying water to us from there. But on the other hand, there is the second line that we aim to finish at the beginning of June. Good thing we did it. It is more in those regions of precipitation. This is a line of 156 kilometers, it continues. X

Mayor Topbaş answered a question about the damaged floor of İstiklal Street. Stating that there is a gallery in the past passing through the middle of Istiklal Street, Topbas said ından ISKI has repaired this gallery by taking opinions from the council. From time to time depressions appeared. This moves and breaks the overlays. In other words, when the tram and large vehicles pass, the mortar ties connecting the coating are solved by vibration.

We have finished the field below, this is no longer happening after this event. We will re-arrange the tram tracks on the road. With it we will make the rails no longer vibrate. The projects are completed and the floor will have smaller parts that will not be solved because there will be no more vibration and vibration as in Sultanahmet. Although how many times we repair the floor did not hold due to the ground, Kaç he said.

Also speaking about the change of duties at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality General Secretariat, Topbaş said esi Dr. Adem Baştürk had an accident and the treatment was continuing. I asked for permission many times but we wanted to run until the election and it didn't break us so far to get right. A very dear friend of ours will continue to benefit from him, but asked for retirement. As İBB General Secretary, we are entrusting IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı. He is also a young and successful manager. IETT'da signed important studies, İ he ​​said.


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