Çorlu New Ring Road Construction Started

corlu ore road
corlu ore road

Çorlu's new ring road construction began in Karatepe. The 10 km road from Karatepe Mevkii will be connected to the Marmaracık Junction. 3 pieces of bridges and 1 pieces of viaduct will be constructed. With the completion of the road from the direction of Edirne vehicles passing through the tangent without creating the intensity of the direction of Tekirdag will go.

Transport, by the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry of Highways (henna - Tekirdag) distinction Corlu - Marmaracik (D-100) road earthworks, structures, superstructure and bridge construction business turnaround in Turkey high No. contractors who Nasir Construction performing a .

The project is controlled by the General Directorate of Highways Istanbul 1. Regional Directorate is performing. 10 tons of bituminous hot mix in the road superstructure, 127.000 ton plentmiks substructure, 75.000 ton plentmiks base, 97.000 m1.300.000 excavation in earthworks, 3 m700.000 excavation, 3 m3 filling and projected at the route transition construction of 1 pieces of viaducts in the bridge and the crossing arrangements that will enable connection transitions in the Marmaracık and Karatepe regions will be made. Work finish high numbered among the contractors under the name Nas construction projects in laying out a lot of ongoing projects in Turkey is being talked about frequently.

With the completion of the new connection road, drivers coming from Edirne direction will be able to connect to the road from Karatepe to Tekirdağ by using the 10 km route without increasing the traffic density in Çorlu. The sign at the entrance of the 10 km connection road construction starting from the Karatepe District is not specified when the road will end. On this route which will be one of the important connection roads of Çorlu, the contractor teams continue their work without interruption.

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