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Greater City: More than 4 wagons

Metropolitan: More than 4 wagon does not fit in the platform Okurum Safiye Yaşar addressed to BURULAŞ from our corner. In May, 9 said in a message that I published un Let there be an additional wagon to Görükle line in the morning Saf Saf Safiye Yaşar said: “Citizen [more…]

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Governor Mutludan 3. Bridge Description

Governor Mutludan 3. Governor Happy bridge description, xnumx.köpr was mentioned that major projects such as the Turkey and is an important indicator of stability and confidence in our existing countries in Istanbul. Istanbul Governor Hüseyin [more…]

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The Definitive Route of Canal Istanbul

Here is the exact route of Canal Istanbul: The Canal Istanbul project will start with Yeniköy, follow the Sazlıdere Dam and meet Marmara from Küçükçekmece Lake. Channel Istanbul, where rumors about the route have been circulating [more…]


Boztepeye cable car to be made

Boztepeye ropeway will be made in the Municipality of Trabzon 61 project, but 1.5 years ago in the assessment of 'not feasible' he removed the shelf saying that the ropeway Boztepe came up again. Trabzon Municipality [more…]

curious about marmaray
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About Marmaray

It is the project to provide railway transportation through the submerged tube tunnel in the Bosphorus under the sea. With the Marmaray project, Asia and Europe will be interconnected by a continuous rail service. What is the history of Marmaray? Projected to pass through the Bosphorus [more…]


YHT buildings are cracking (Photo Gallery)

YHT is cracking buildings For High Speed ​​Train (YHT), one of the regions where construction works on the 56 kilometer route in our province has caused serious problems has been İzmit Cumhuriyet neighborhood. 56 residence located in Cumhuriyet neighborhood [more…]