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3. two scenarios for the airport

BETAM designed two scenarios for the airport and two scenarios for the third airport. Accordingly, the achievement of targets at the airport depends on Turkey's growth performance. Bahçeşehir University Economic and Social Research Center (BETAM) Director Prof. [more…]

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Traffic on Atatürk Street

Atatürk Street Traffic returned to normal Sculpture-Power Plant Garage T1 tram line paved for the work of Ataturk street was opened to traffic again. Overwhelmed by the city traffic, which was locked after the closure of Atatürk Street, [more…]

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Train crash in Canada parties blame each other

In the train accident in Canada, the parties blame each other. In the train accident that resulted in the death of at least 13 people in Canada, the fire department and the railway company blame each other. Investigators determined the cause of the accident was caused by another fire before it. [more…]

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Which brand sponsored Istanbul metro station

Which brand has sponsored the metro station in Istanbul Istanbul Metro is the first in the world to realize the names of the metro stations are starting to receive advertising. First, M2 Hacıosman-Şişhane subway station in the Atatürk Oto Sanayi station [more…]

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Minister Yildirim Train Gospel Verdi

Minister Yıldırım gave the gospel of the train Minister Yıldırım gave the gospel of the train Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim, high-speed train line to receive briefing about the high-speed train in Kocaeli [more…]