RayHaber 23.07.2013 Tender Bulletin

Opening of the Fire Prevention Strip on the Railway Edge (Various Locations of Demirciören? Nusrat and Tavsanli - Tuncbilek Stations) Various Motor Units will be Purchased (TULOMSAS) Electrical installations will be transformed into LEDs (Amasya, Artova, Cukurbuk, Kizilca, Samsun, [more…]



TÜLOMSAŞ Stamp: TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı said in his statement that domestic engines bearing the name of TÜLOMSAŞ are now offered to the market in maritime sector, and that there are two ferry boats to be used in Van Lake. [more…]

43 Austria

Besiktas football riders enjoy | Besiktas Austria camp (Video)

Besiktas Austria camp: Besiktas football players, climbed to the Alpine Mountain 2 thousand 778 meters with the cable car. In the town of Lienz in Austria, Besiktas continued their preparations for the season. After the morning training, the players were allowed to go to the Alpine Mountain at an altitude of 2 thousand 778 meters. [more…]

7 Russia

Bridge from Russia to Japan

Russia to Japan bridge: Russia's Far East Development Minister Viktor Isayev, the shortest way to the island of Sahalin to provide access to the 7 mile-long bridge proposed to be made. The bridge will allow both railway and land transportation. Located just north of Japan [more…]