The Number of Passengers Transported by High-Speed ​​Trains Approached 60 Million

Düziçi District High Speed ​​Train Station

Measurement studies have started for the part within the district of Yarbaşı-Düziçi to be built within the scope of Konya Karaman Adana Osmaniye Gaziantep High Speed ​​Train Project. The new YHT to be built within the scope of Konya Karaman Adana Osmaniye Gaziantep High Speed ​​​​Train Project [more…]

34 Istanbul

Here's 3. Airport name

Here is the name considered for the 3rd Airport: "Come, come again, whatever you are", the word inspired! The name of the 2018rd Airport, which is aimed to be put into service at the end of 3, was a matter of curiosity. Among the suggested names for the airport [more…]


Accident service in Spain

Accident wake-up service in Spain: An important task in front of these days when we greet YHTs with great enthusiasm is to reconsider the risks on these lines. What are the turns on the lines? Speed ​​control [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT will stop at Gebze Station

YHT will stop at Gebze station: While the work on the High Speed ​​​​Train Line, which will reduce the Istanbul train journey to 3 hours, continues, TCDD clarified in which settlements the high-speed train will stop. Trial flights on 30 September, normal [more…]


Eastern Black Sea Vision Project Logistics Center

Eastern Black Sea's vision project logistics center: Secretary General of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) affiliated to the Ministry of Development, Çetin Oktay Kaldirim, stated that the logistics center to be established in the Eastern Black Sea Region will transfer the region to the Caucasus, Iran, Russian Federation, Turkish [more…]

34 Istanbul

World's largest station Marmarayda

The world's largest station in Marmaray: A total of 39 stations will be located on the Marmaray project route. Three of these will be underground. Uskudar station 225 meter length, 75 meter width and 30 meter depth [more…]

17 Canakkale

İÇDAŞ Port is a candidate for locomotive

İÇDAŞ Port is a candidate to be a locomotive: İÇDAŞ Port accelerates the growth of Çanakkale kazanİÇDAŞ, which is the 500th largest company of Turkey in the ISO 9, is preparing to play an important role in the growth of Çanakkale. İÇDAŞ Port, both to Çanakkale and [more…]