06 Ankara

Capital city suburbs

The capital is getting its suburbs: The suburban services of the Sincan-Kayaş Line were terminated on August 1, 2011 due to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's construction of the New Çiftlik Boulevard and the Başkentray Project. Then TCDD on April 25, 2012 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Here's 3. Replaced route of the bridge

Here is the changed route of the 3rd Bridge: The plan of the 3rd bridge to be built in Istanbul and the roads connected to it has changed. Accordingly, changes were made in four points of the plan. Changes were made at 4 points of the project 10 on the bridge [more…]

33 France

Train Flights in France are back to normal

Train Services Returned to Normal in France: After the end of the search-rescue and debris removal works, which started after the accident that occurred as a result of the derailment of the train, which makes the Paris-Limoges expedition in France, at the Brétigny-sur-Orge Station, the services were resumed. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa Altıparmak street opens to traffic tomorrow

Bursa Altıparmak street opens to traffic tomorrow: Within the scope of the works of T1 tram line, which will work between Kent Meydanı and Heykel, 1 is completed in the first stage in the asphalting works started in July. Starting from Sculpture in the first stage of the works [more…]