TÜPRAŞ 300 takes train wagon

TÜPRAŞ 300 taking the train wagons Turkey Petroleum Refineries Inc.-TÜPRAŞ 300 taking the train cars. Yavuz Erkut, General Manager of TÜPRAŞ, opened the doors of İzmit Refinery to the Energy Journalists and Media Association (EGAD). Erkut, TÜPRAŞ is the world's leading refinery [more…]


Kütahya Trolleybus Project Ends

Kütahya Troleybüs Project Ended In Kütahya, the tender for the construction of the Troleybüs project was announced this year. Within the scope of the Rail System project to be carried out by Kütahya Municipality, a new project regarding the construction of the railway system line between Germiyan Campus and Central Campus [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT's test drives 30 starts in September

Test runs of YHT 30 starts in September High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) test drives 30 will begin in September. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binalı Yıldırım received a briefing on the high-speed train line at the Yarımca Construction Site in Kocaeli, [more…]

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Haydarpaşa Railway Station Wagon Burned (Video)

In the Haydarpaşa Railway Station Wagon Burned A wagon of an unused train at Haydarpaşa Train Station was burned. The flames were extinguished by firefighters without leaping into other wagons. At the Haydarpasa Train Station, a train car, which was not used at the time of 04.30, started to burn due to an unknown reason. Fire [more…]


There is no rail system in Erzurum

There is no rail system in the city transportation in Erzurum For many years, the siyaset Light Rail System ın which has been brought to the agenda by many politicians and mayors for Erzurum city transportation will no longer be on the agenda. Second and third stage in many provinces [more…]

65 Van

Van Gets First Cable Car

Van got his first ropeway: Necmedin Direk sought alternative ways when his neighbor could not give him a way. Performing the ropeway example that he encountered in Trabzon in his own field, Direk also rolled up his sleeves for the electricity from the wind. The first ropeway to Van [more…]

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The historical peninsula is not filled with hotels

The historical peninsula is not full of hotels if the transportation is comfortable. Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Abdurrahman Arıcı, 3 bridge, 3. Large hotels such as the airport and Marmaray are solved if transport is carried out outside the Historic Peninsula. Thus, the historical texture is preserved. Böylece [more…]


Wagon TIR'a got into the road

Wagon TIR'a got on the road to the highway Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train Line Eskisehir-Istanbul section is closed for work. The passenger wagons to be maintained are transported to the factory in Sakarya by TIRs as the route is closed. The travel time between Ankara and Istanbul will be reduced to 3 hours [more…]


RayHaber 01.07.2013 Tender Bulletin

Personnel Transportation Service Will Be Purchased Ballast For YHT Lines Will Be Purchased Crane Will Be Purchased Konya Courthouse Tram Line Construction and Improvement of Existing Campus Tram Line (Special News) Similar Railway News and Other News that may interest youRayNews 02.01.2013 [more…]

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TCDD Recreation Facilities converted to marina

TCDD Recreation Facilities are converted into marinas TCDD Recreation Facilities next to Kalamış Yacht Harbor are being converted into marinas. Next to the Kalamış yacht harbor, TCDD Recreation Facilities are converted into marinas. Privatization Administration accelerated development work, the Mayor of Kadıköy Selami Öztürk said, esi [more…]

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TCDD Officials Review on Cardboard

TCDD Officials Investigated on Kartepe TCDD Deputy General Manager İsa Apaydın, Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project 2. Etap Köseköy came to Kartepe in order to see the point reached in the arrangements between Sapanca and Izmit between the construction of Vezirhan. Kartepe of the YHT Project [more…]