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Zonguldak-Filyos Highway Tender Completed

AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Özcan Ulupınar stated that the tender for the improvement of Filyos-Zonguldak Road has been made and the works will begin in a short time. Zonguldak Deputy Özcan Ulupınar also made a statement on the subject; "As the way of death [more…]

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Finishes in Marmaray Line Project

The Final Touches on the Marmaray Line of the Project of the Century: The Project of the Century, which will connect Asia and Europe under the sea, has come to an end in Marmaray. by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments [more…]

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Good news for the train

Good news for the train This year's second session of the Provincial Coordination Board meetings held four times a year, where public investments were discussed throughout the province, was held under the direction of Governor Ercan Topaca. The meeting at the Governor's Office, [more…]


There is work in Tem

General Directorate of Highways 1.Region Directorate presented the necessary information to the Governorship regarding highway superstructure improvement works between Gulf Junction and Izmit East Junction. The following statements were made in the petition submitted to the Governor's Office: [more…]

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Railway move in Denizli

Railway move in Denizli: A plan swap has been made for the Cargo and Maneuver Area, for which the industrialists in Denizli have been waiting for a long time and where the State Railways has completed the feasibility study. Rehabilitate the park and green space area with city councilors [more…]

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Den Bosch train cancellation

Den Bosch train canceled Those who want to go to Den Bosh by train, take note of this news. Today's train to the city has been canceled. According to the statement made by Dutch Railways company NS; Den Bosch [more…]


Traffic Load on D-130 Highway Will Decrease

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Zekeriya Özak stated that the traffic load on the D-130 Highway will decrease thanks to the artery to be built at the borders of Kartepe, Başiskele and Gölcük. Speaking at the meeting held at Gölcük Summer Ilıca Facilities, Özak said, [more…]