Bursaray Once Again Shows The Importance Of Handicapped People (Correction Letter)

Bursaray once again showed its importance to disabled people
Bursaray Station Bored for Disabled Persons is the correction of the article

There are 31 elevators at 97 station of Bursaray system, which provides great convenience for disabled citizens. Our disabled citizens reach our stations by taking advantage of these elevators.

In addition, the elevators are meticulously maintained periodically. However, from time to time, malfunctions may occur due to misuse and similar reasons, our maintenance teams intervene quickly. As a matter of fact, the fault which is the subject of the article has been resolved in a very short time and it has not been expected for a long time as stated in the article. Our station staff also provide all necessary assistance to our disabled citizens coming during the breakdown.

The old lifts are renewed within the framework of the determined budget. In this context, the elevators at the Şehreküstü, Osmangazi and Acemler stations have been renovated and the renewal works at the Arabayatağı Station are continuing.

📩 27/11/2018 17:18

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