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What the municipal councilors said for the Boztepe cable car project
Boztepe, one of the Municipality of Trabzon's 61 project, was taken to the agenda of the municipality. In the 2009 elections, Boztepe, one of the Trabzon Municipality's 61 projects, was brought to the agenda with the majority of votes. Members of the Assembly of CHP, who spoke at the talks about taking the cable car to the agenda, reacted.


Omar Dayı from the CHP said that he regretted the re-assembly of the project. I would like to listen to those records again, O he said. Uncle, ü What happened, what changed, now it fell appropriate, was it appropriate? I regret this. What happened after this Boztepe hotel incident came up after the feasibility studies fell appropriate, t he said. Chairman of the Commission Necdet Albayrak said: “Starting from the area in İskenderpaşa Neighborhood, which is used as a parking lot for the municipality, the feasibility study was carried out until the area determined by the parcel no. 3. The zoning commission report on the preparation of the determined route as a ropeway line to the zoning plan was deemed appropriate. Im


Turgay Şahin: “This has been removed from the agenda. I've already been against it. Three months ago, the cemetery director asked for two funeral cars in the parliament. Our mayor said, 'we don't have any money, so we can buy one and buy one later.' Pity sin for public money. I say that public opinion is coming closer to the election of populist policies. Un

Lütfiye Arslan: par I don't understand this contradiction, we didn't have money for road works. I'm looking at the cable car project to come up immediately. How can an administration that cannot solve the road in the region where traffic is concentrated?

Seyfullah Kınalı: UM This 61 project was in our promise. Later on, our president had expressed his doubts. This is true. But such demands continued to come from the public. In this way, Mr. President took the opinions of everyone. These friends didn't agree. In our understanding, populism has no place. Bizim

Necip Sevinç: Nec There is no problem in the project of this project. It is a line. However, it may seem too feasible for the following day, it may not be an account that we make up. I don't think it's a matter of inconvenience in the zoning plan tomorrow. In

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