Metro and Marmaray Train Will Stop 8 Seconds From Earthquake

Metro and Marmaray Train Will Stop 8 Seconds From Earthquake
He said that an earthquake of magnitude 7 was approaching Istanbul. Kalafat, erken 15 early warning system was established. Thanks to the shield, the concussion will be known in seconds before the 8, metro and train will stop, IGDAS will cut the gas, Kalkan he said.

BOĞAZİÇİ University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute Director of National Earthquake Monitoring Center. Dr. Doğan Kalafat told Star about the latest analyzes and disaster prevention efforts. He said that the earthquake in the Marmara Sea of ​​7 'I'm coming' said. Kalafat said, 'In Marmara, the roller winds up to earthquake. The islands will produce 2030 64 and 2050 75 earthquake in XNUMX.

Kalkan Turkey will spread to the general

15 early warning system was established in Istanbul. Kalafat said, en We are the best in Europe in early warning. Soon 81 will be established in the province. A rapid train will stop at Marmaray in 8 seconds before the earthquake, and gas will be cut at İGDAŞ. It'il be like an earthquake shield. Detected area will be detected from here and will intervene without wasting time, Yık he said. Stating that the seismic network is very developed, Kalafat said, “The number of earthquakes recorded in 2012 was over a thousand. There is earthquake mobility in Eastern Anatolia, Aegean and Southeast Anatolia Doğu.

Tsunami in the Golden Horn and Büyükçekmece

The 2 of the north of Istanbul, the 3'de seismic zone, while today is the 1'unth degree earthquake region. Kalafat, zayıf There are areas in Marmara Bay, Avcılar, Şarköy and Müretfe with weak ground. The structures that are not suitable for the ground will be damaged in the earthquake. Hunters are distressed. In the Marmara earthquake, the areas with poor ground will be affected. There will be a tsunami in Istanbul but not like Japan. Early warning about the tsunami. When we have floods, we will prepare reports so that we will know where the water will go and the organizations that will help. We think that it can be effective in Sarayburnu and Büyükçekmece and in the Golden Horn. Saray


There is an 7 early warning station to report an expected 15 earthquake in the Marmara, and a rapid intervention center close to 100. Since the faults are close to the city, before the devastating wave arrives, the 15 leading tool will send the signal at this center and the 8-10 will activate the system in seconds. During the earthquake, the train and subway system will not derail. Nuclear power plants and natural gas stores will be protected. 100 station will be identified by the damage, the teams will be directed to him. Starting from Samsun stations will be installed in all of Turkey within a few years.

Risk rate is increasing

He said that the earthquake in the Marmara will be the average size of 7. Dr. Kalafat said, k We can estimate where an earthquake might be, but it is not possible to say when. We're saying this in statistics science. The reel winds in Marmara. 2030 64 2050 75 will be the XNUMX Marmara earthquake. There is a fault extending from the islands to Saroz. In Marmara, the fault fault does not produce an important earthquake. It's time for the earthquake. An earthquake is expected in Iznik. İz

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