Little Students Visited Samuel

Little Students Visited Samulas Primary school students in Samsun visited the General Directorate of Samulaş. During the visit, students of Gazi Primary School get information about the rail system from Samulaş officials, while on trams [more…]

374 Armenia

Everything on the rail

Everything is on track, after the rail renewal works that will take about 6 months from Sivas to the border of Armenia to Doğukapı, train services are in a healthier and safer environment. [more…]


Diyarbakır wants rail system

Diyarbakır Wants Rail System It was revealed in the "Diyarbakır Transportation Problems" questionnaire conducted by Dicle University (DU) students that Diyarbakırs wanted a "rail system". Dicle University (DU) Economics and [more…]

994 Azerbaijan

Historic Silk Road Train

Historical silk road going to the Turkey leg of railroad giant project continues with full speed. One of the important projects of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project in Turkey. With Marmaray [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN went to receive the award

Izmir Suburban Transport System, which was deemed worthy of the first place in the category of "Best Cooperation" in the competition organized within the scope of the International Public Transport Association (UITP) World Congress. [more…]

34 Istanbul

The Metrobus is a story of existence

Metrobus is a story of existence. I want it to be Monday as soon as possible. When it comes to Istanbul, Bosphorus, Baby, Fashion, Independence, Kadıköy Metrobus, all of which are real lies! Knowing that I will take the metrobus [more…]