Odunluk Bridge opened to traffic

The Odunluk Bridge was opened to traffic. The Odlukluk Bridge, which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and connects Odunluk and Dikkaldırım neighborhoods, was opened to traffic with a ceremony. Greater Municipality of Bursa, breathing through deep-seated solutions to the veins clogged in the transportation of Bursa [more…]

381 Serbia

Train accident in Belgrade: 15 injured

Train crash in Belgrade: 15 injured In the capital of Serbia, two suburban trains collided in the tunnel, according to initial reports, 15 people were injured. According to information received, two suburban trains operating between Novi Belgrade and Zemun, [more…]

Intercity Railways

It is necessary to connect the railway to Giresunda

Giresun Railway Connection to the Sea is a Must Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu, Giresun economic and social development, drew attention to the importance of transportation network. “CONNECTION OF RAILWAY TO PORT IS A CONDITION ı [more…]

251 Ethiopia

Turkey will build a railway in Ethiopia

Turkey will build a railway in Ethiopia, he pressed the button for the development plan to build a railway close to the scope of 5 thousand kilometers. BRICS countries outside South Africa and Turkey, will build a railway in Ethiopia. [more…]

7 Kazakhstan

Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan merged with railway

Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan merged with railway Central Asia will open to the Persian Gulf upon the completion of the railway. 11 The Iranian part of the line, which will be opened in May, is expected to be completed. 146 kilometers of the railway line is in Kazakhstan, 700 kilometers are in Turkmenistan, [more…]


Rails specialize

Rails is privatized law in Turkey it was published on the Official Gazette dated May 1 the liberalization of rail transport. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE? By law, passenger and freight transportation by rail is open to competition and most appropriate in terms of service quality, [more…]



The “Road Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition gerçekleştiril, which has been held for three years in order to ensure road traffic safety in our country, has received more than expected attendance and interest, and the fourth one this year in Congresium (ATO) in Ankara. [more…]