06 Ankara

Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Line starts expropriation

Within the scope of Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project, some immovables between Menemen-Manisa stations will be expropriated. Within the scope of Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Project, some immovables between Menemen-Manisa stations will be expropriated. According to the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette, [more…]


RayHaber 24.05.2013 Tender Bulletin

Vertical disabled platform will be built (Malatya region building guest house building and local building entrance) Uninterruptible power supply with voice recorder will be purchased EMU Train sets visual design service will be provided (TÜVASAŞ)

06 Ankara

Kurtuluş Kissing in the Metro Campaign

Kurtuluş We Kiss on the Metro Campaign In Ankara, those who want to protest the announcement of metro Dear passengers please act in accordance with the moral rules ında at the Kurtuluş metro stop was organized for the 'kissing action on the subway' in social media. Week [more…]


EU support for railways

EU support for railways General Director of Railway Regulation Erol Çıtak stated that the private sector has started to work on the regulations to be made in order to provide freight and passenger transportation services on railways. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railroad project completed

Railway preliminary project completed GÜMÜŞHANE Deputy Assoc. Dr. Kemallettin Aydın announced that the preliminary project of Erzincan - Gümüşhane Railway has been completed and that the implementation will be tendered in a short time. Aydın, “Project 2023 vision [more…]

Middle Asia project was sponsored
94 Afghanistan

Central Asian rail project sponsored

The Islamic Development Bank will provide financial support to the Turkmenistan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan railway line project. President of Islamic Development Bank Ahmed Mohammed Ali, Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe said in a statement, said they would support the project. Islamic Development Bank [more…]


Response to Fast Train Criteria in Cyprus

Responding to criticism of high-speed train from Cyprus Semih Cyprus, the President of Ankara Düzceliler Association, responded to the criticism about the High Speed ​​Train that will connect the capital of the Ottoman Empire with Istanbul and the capital of the Republic. [more…]