48 Poland

Zdunska Wolada Train Museum

Zdunska Wolada Train Museum We continue our ZDUNSKA WOLA tour of Poland after Warsaw. After leaving the orphanage, without seeing the most famous historical TRAIN MUSEUM of the city of ZDUNSKA WOLA [more…]

Intercity Railways

Wagon overturned in Diyarbakir

The wagon overturned in Diyarbakır The diesel-loaded wagon of the passenger train, which made the Diyarbakır-Batman expedition, was overturned. According to the information received, the locomotive passenger train that made the Diyarbakır-Batman expedition, the exit of Çarıklı town, AQUA. [more…]


Let's do it in Samsun.

Come on Samsun, do this YHT job. We are talking about the importance of these social networking sites. Like Facebook. This sharing site is the most important information sharing worldwide [more…]