İZBAN asks for loss from ESHOT

İZBAN asks for loss from ESHOT: İZBAN has sent a letter to the General Directorate of ESHOT to pay the damage caused by the free transportation of 1 million 800 passengers from public transport during the card crisis.

KASEK Company 16 started operating the system as of June, after Kentkart Company lost its tender in January. The anticipated transition process started painfully. In the early hours of the morning, to go to the school to go to the school bus, subway and ferry to the city of Izmir people who want to ride the validators did not read or did not allow the transition on the grounds of, Balance inadequate Sabah. The hardship was not limited to this. Failed to load cards on automatic loading machines. In this process, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bus, metro and passenger ferries carrying passengers in the inner bay TCDD jointly operated in Izmir, free ride was made. The people of Izmir, who did not read the cards, took advantage of the public transportation vehicles between June and June at 1-1. Every day, the free use of public transport vehicles benefited by 10 million 1 thousand passengers brought with it public debates.

The financial portrait of the chaos experienced in June started to become clearer with the loss of the tender made in January of the Kent Card Company, which has been running electronic fare collection system for the transportation of public transportation vehicles in Izmir for 16 years. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality TCDD and 50 partnership established with the partnership of İZBAN, ESHOT General Directorate of public transport during the process of chaos 1 million 800 thousand passengers demanded to be paid for the damage caused by free use. According to the decision taken in the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors sent to ESHOT General Directorate of the law in the case of the said damage is not covered by legal means to pay compensation was expressed. Those who wanted the money was not limited to this. According to the information obtained from the same pool outside the İZBAN and Izmir Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which makes the transportation of passengers in the inner bay, Izmir Metro Inc., which makes light rail transportation, made similar decisions from the board of directors and endured the door of ESHOT. It is claimed that only İZBAN will receive from ESHOT about 3.3 million pounds.

The Metropolitan Municipality returned to the paper ticket application after a short period of 16 years to overcome the distressed process. The crisis continued for a while, then returned to normal with the system slowly settling.

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