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Traffic to Şanlıurfa is not trolleybus (Video)

Şanlıurfa Traffic comes to the trolleybus, not the Metro. Şanlıurfa municipality has completed its preliminary studies for the trolleybus project. The project, which is considered between Balıklıgöl and Abide, is planned to be put out to tender within 1,5 months Şanlıurfa [more…]

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İZBAN Becomes Last Stop

İZBAN Became the Last Stop Serkan Gönç, 32, in Gaziemir District of İZMİR, committed suicide by jumping in front of the train at the Izmir Suburban Line (İZBAN) ESBAŞ stop. The event is today [more…]


We don't want a tram | Eskisehir

We do not want a tram. The residents of Yunus Kent Site reacted to the Emek-71 Evler Line, which is still under the scope of the extension of the existing tram lines, to pass through Gülkan Sokak in the Yenidogan Quarter. [more…]