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Last Minute: Some Metrobus Expeditions Started

Some Metrobus Flights Started: One of the metrobus flights canceled within the scope of 1 May measures, normal flights to Beylikdüzü - Topkapı line started. Beylikdüzü-Topkapı was canceled within the scope of security measures in a statement made by Istanbul Governorship. [more…]


Unkapanı Bridge is closed to traffic

Unkapanı Bridge was completely closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The middle section of the Bridge was not allowed to pass. Despite the ban on the governorship of Istanbul, the police do not allow those who want to go to Taksim Square for 1 May celebrations. [more…]


Railways Free

Railways now free ANKARA enacted the Official Gazette "Turkey Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport" with TCDD restructured as railway infrastructure operators without any change in the current legal status, the company trains [more…]


Private Train Rental (Video)

in collaboration with the NIH TCDD Special Train Hire, upcoming Turkey - Netherlands Diplomatic Relations of 400. It presents the train concept for the projects you are planning for the celebration of the year. Universities, schools, businesses, [more…]

34 Istanbul

No exit to Taksim!

No exit to Taksim! : 1 May celebration in Taksim, Istanbul is banned. The surrounding roads were closed. Metrobus, ferry, engine, sea bus service was canceled. Some metro stations are also closed today. Taksim [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray sheds light on the Neolithic Age

Who could have guessed that the MARMARAY project, which aims to connect the two sides of Istanbul, will change the pages of world history? The oldest known toplu collective ayak foot of the world would be found in this way by the largest known ship port in the ancient world. [more…]