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Last Minute: Some Metrobus Expeditions Started

Some Metrobus Services Started: Beylikdüzü - Topkapı line normal services started from the metrobus services that were canceled as part of the 1 May measures. In the statement made by the Istanbul Governor's Office, Beylikdüzü-Topkapı has been canceled within the scope of security measures. [more…]

16 Bursa

Traffic arrangement in Burhanin İnönü Street

Traffic regulation on Bursa's İnönü Street As part of the T1 Tram Line Project, which will bring together the city center of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with modern and comfortable transportation, İnönü Street will be temporarily closed as of Thursday, May 2nd. [more…]


Railways Free

Railways Are Now Free With the “Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transportation in Turkey”, which was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force, TCDD is restructured as a railway infrastructure operator without changing its current legal status. [more…]

Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers

Private Train Rental

Private Train Charter: NIHA, in cooperation with TCDD, presents you the train concept for the projects you are planning for the upcoming 400th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Turkey and the Netherlands. Universities, schools, [more…]

34 Istanbul

There is no exit to Taksim!

There is no exit to Taksim! : The ban on May 1 celebration in Istanbul Taksim has become final. The surrounding roads have been closed. Metrobus, ferry, motor, sea bus services were canceled. Some metro stations are also closed today. in Taksim [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray sheds light on the Neolithic Age

Who would have guessed that the MARMARAY project, which aims to unite the two sides of Istanbul, would change the pages of world history? The oldest known 'collective' pillar of the world will be found in this way, the largest known ship port of the ancient world. [more…]


Between Darıca and Gebze

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality scalpels hit the points of transportation problems in the city. Asıroğlu Street, which is connected to D-100 side road in Darica, will be connected to Gebze Ankara Street by tunnel junction. D-100 D-100 with tunnel crossing on D-XNUMX [more…]