Turks in Liberia to repair railways

Express Train Company, established by the Libyan State Railways, will repair the railways in Libya by the Turks, and signed a contract with a company in Kocaeli in order to jointly carry out the railway projects in the country. Speaking at the signing ceremony held at Kocaeli Chamber of Industry [more…]


Earthquake can derail the speed train

Earthquake can derail high-speed train As a result of the “Natural Disaster Awareness Training” program initiated by the Izmit Municipality in schools since 2003, Yrd.Doç, Earthquake Specialist from Istanbul University, speaking at Izmit EML. Dr. Oguz [more…]

34 Istanbul

Where's the lake? The airport was swallowed!

Where's the lake? Airport swallowed! With the EIA, the lakes returned to the 'pond' and the trees disappeared. 3 submitted to the Ministry. The airport EIA report contained lakes and millions of trees. In the final report, the lakes returned to the 'pond', the trees [more…]


Good news from retirees from TCDD

TCDD'den good news to retirees According to the Act, TCDD'de retirement bonuses will be paid to employees if they retire. which entered into force in the Official Gazette "Turkey Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport" with TCDD, the existing legal [more…]