Deutsche Bahn Employees Leave Job

Some trains canceled due to strike
The two-hour strike in the country this morning was effective when the collective bargaining between the union and the German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) broke out. Due to a warning strike between 06.00-.8.00 in the morning, it paralyzed transportation across the country, especially in the provinces of East Germany, where there was snowfall. As a result of the strike, transportation between many cities stopped, while in some lines significant delays occurred. Train workers who were working in the train repair workshops also participated in the warning strike, and the trains that were supposed to be on the expedition in the following hours were able to move with delay.
In Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Kiel and many other cities of Saxony, many people were able to go to work because of the strikes. The statement on behalf of the DB also stated that the strike is effective throughout the country, the transport only returned to normal in the afternoon was expressed.
Railroad Workers' Union (EVG) said in a statement on behalf of the warning strike is stated to be high participation, the action was successfully carried out specified.
EVG and German Railways between the 130 thousand employees for the TIS negotiations have not been a result until today. The parties met in Berlin today and continued negotiations. The EVG is demanding that employees' pay be increased by 6.5 for one year. The employer has offered 2.4 and 2 for the first year. He also offered to bid 400 euros for the next year. The union decided to take a warning strike, stating that it was not an acceptable bid.

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