In Germany, the strike of machinists will paralyze transport for three days

In Germany, the strike of the machinists will paralyze the transport for three days: The Train Mechanic Union (GDL) has decided to launch a work-off action that will affect millions of passengers after failing to reach an agreement with the German Railways (DB). Today trains start the strike, the next two days are included in the passenger trains. The action is expected to continue until 9 in the morning on Friday.

Speaking to the Passauer Neue Presse, GDL President Claus Weselsky said that the government has gone on strike for the first time since November, as the administration does not want to come to a conclusion on negotiations, working hours and union representation. Weselsky, who gave an example of the limitation of overtime work, talks 16. he failed to agree on the main problems in the round. DB Human Resources President Ulrich Weber said the GDL could negotiate at all points for provisional results before the talks broke down last week. Weber accused the GDL union of damaging the railway and customers.

"We want us to be ready to make concessions," said Weselsky. But they are not ready to do the same. Under these circumstances, we cannot reach a compromise. Bu DB said that GDL was the only one responsible for the discomfort given to the customers, and they were very upset about what happened. The railway company created alternative plans for long-haul flights.

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