Uludağ Teleferikte Sarıalan Works Will Start This Summer

📩 24/11/2018 11:44

Uludağ Teleferikte Sarıalan Works Will Start This Summer

Veysel Eroğlu, Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs, stated that they are determined to demolish the facilities in Uludağ. This summer they will start the work with the new facilities to the Yellow Sea 2 stating that the Minister Eroglu, 2. The objections to the judiciary for the region were rejected and there was no obstacle to work. Eroglu, 1. He emphasized that the objection to the judiciary for the region is still not concluded.

Minister Eroglu, Bursa Governor Sahabettin made a press statement during his visit to Harput. Eroğlu, who explained the important investments regarding Uludağ and Bursa, said that the government invested approximately 7 million TL in Bursa last year. Eroglu underlined that the Ministry of Environment and Forestry ranked second among the most investing ministries, and said they were working to catch the first place.


Eroglu expressed that compete for the services of all ministries in Bursa, he said: "We decided he let pond thousand thousand days in Turkey. This project started at 1 January 2012 time 08.59. Bursa is really important. When it comes to water, agricultural income is growing up to 14. This one's in his pocket. Our 35 has a irrigation pond demand. It will be completely modern. Some of them are under construction and some are in project phase.

Eroglu pointed out that the 705 million saplings in the 42 decare area so far have brought the soil together. Ber In addition to this, we planted 100 thousand chestnut saplings, let's make a plane plan. Çınar is worthy of Bursa. I gave instructions. Talimat


Minister Eroğlu stated that the work for Uludağ, which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ordered to make 'Davos', continued. Underlining that they are working with the Metropolitan and the Governorship, Eroğlu said: “We want to make Uludağ with Büyükşehir in the best way possible. Indeed, the cable car is being built. We gave the infrastructure to our Metropolitan Municipality. Now there are parking lots and convention centers. We will talk about it too. Here, as the ministry, we work together with the Metropolitan Municipality and our Governorship. Essentially, we want to transform Uludağ. We prepared an exemplary development plan with the participation of all institutions on this subject. Somehow the plans we have prepared are kept waiting with an objection, there is a waste of time. Very nice hotels and magnificent hotels will be built. We even destroyed the buildings belonging to our institution. "


Eroğlu stated that they would like to open this place to world tourism, congress tourism, health and winter tourism and continued his words as follows: turizm We do not see the facilities there enough. Unfortunately, some of our plans are waiting for judgment. I would like to address the members of the judiciary from here. Our time is precious. If they come as soon as possible, everything is ready. Bunlar


Emphasizing that studies were carried out on Sarıalan, Eroğlu gave the following information about the prepared plan: “A magnificent set of facilities compatible with nature will be built here. This summer we will do that. We will remove old makeshift things. We will make it compatible with nature. We will build elegant, polite, 2-storey accommodation facilities. The money was ready, we were waiting for the development plans. Now that has been resolved, we are doing it immediately. Problems with judgment and planning are over, our money is ready, we will make a very beautiful, magnificent Sarıalan this year. "


Eroğlu voiced great ideas for Uludağ and said, “There can be no makeshift buildings in Uludağ. There are no facilities that can be scratched. We prepared him for the world. We're starting this summer in Sarıalan. We will complete in a very short time. 2. Problems in the region were solved up and down. The judiciary rejected the appeals. The main problem in the remaining first region. Now the zoning plan is waiting in the judiciary. Very perfect plan, compatible with the environment. Hopefully the Council of State 6. The Department will open the way by making this decision in a short time. If they look at the current situation in Uludag, they will see the difference. Our intention and intention is full. Mak

YA We came to BURSA with 46 JOB “

Eroğlu pointed out that they came to Bursa to give good news and said: bak In the history of Bursa, we should give such good news to our ministry. We came with such gospel. We came to Bursa with full 46 gospel. Total cost 558 million TL. Here, DSI has a lot to do. Pond and water channels to be built by DSI. The cost of this is 33 million 543 thousand TL. Our General Directorate of Forestry has the 600 good news. The General Directorate of Nature Conservation National Parks has 5, while the Meteorological Directorate has good news.

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