One way to ask public transportation in Bursa

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One way to ask public transportation in Bursa
BURULAŞ, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, will be able to reach information about public transport by calling the European call center with the nearest bus stop, when the bus will arrive and which routes to follow.
In Bursa, 700 thousand people are transported by public transport such as buses, trams and BURSARAY, and the technological infrastructure is being renewed day by day in order to provide public transportation services in a healthier and more comfortable manner. In the call center at the European standards established within the body of Buruluş, the 24 watch of the day is publicly monitored and the 10 staff at the center are instantly evaluating the requests and complaints received from the citizens. Calling the call center's 444 99 16 line, citizens can instantly find the nearest bus stop to their location, the bus's arrival time and the bus to which they want to go.
Having visited the call center, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe received information about the operation of the system from BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy. Reminding that they adopt the principle of providing the best service to Bursa residents, Mayor Altepe noted that they are renewing their technological infrastructure in service units day by day. Expressing that 10 personnel work continuously for 24 hours in the call center established within Burulaş, Mayor Altepe said: “All of our vehicles providing public transportation services are monitored in this center. It is known which vehicle goes how many kilometers on which route. Our citizens who reach our call center on 444 99 16 will have easy access to information such as the closest stop to their location, which bus will go to their destination, and which station the bus will arrive at at what time. Currently, two-thirds of the calls to the call center are for information, and one-third of them are for complaint purposes. All demands and complaints of our people are followed with great care. The mobile phone and internet applications of this system, which can now be accessed via the phone, will be put into operation shortly. Loading of 3 percent of the data is complete. When this system is over, our citizens will be able to see the locations of the buses in progress by entering from their computers or mobile phones. ”
Citizens will be able to contact the call center on 444 99 16 or at

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