35 Izmir

Survey was conducted for İZKARAY Project

A survey was conducted for the İZKARAY Project While the companies are in the decision-making process regarding the giant investment, Yeni Asır organizes a survey to learn the opinion of the people of İzmir. Click here for the survey, specify your preference for the 5 billion dollar project, which is of great importance for the city [more…]


Artillery Traffic Accident 6 Dead

In the town of Artvin's Borçka district in the traffic accident that occurred this evening, the same family of 6 people lost their lives. According to information obtained, Artvin-Borcka highway Gündoğdu neighborhood in the district of Fehmi Vural (47) under the direction of 53 FA 746 plate car, the driver's steering [more…]

35 Izmir

a first monorail system is coming to Izmir in Turkey

a first monorail system is coming to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, transportation to the start of construction work on the new exhibition complex which will provide you with 2 Gaziemir'e-kilometer monorail system. The system will be integrated with İZBAN. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the new will be an example to Turkey [more…]

35 Izmir

Disabled people at the UBF

İZBAN Ulukent station disability entry barrier We continue to evaluate complaints from us. We are examining the complaints in place and photographing. First, we went to IZBAN Ulukent station on the complaint from Muzaffer Karapinar. There's a ramp, there's a lift, but the problem is [more…]


Overtime work of railway employees

Overtime work of the railroad workers The problem of the officers is not over. Our ministers who try to survive in a short period of months are struggling with overtime while bringing months of hard labor. Railway employees came to the point of rebellion due to overtime. Over the years [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Train Station

Haydarpasa Train Station will have the historical texture of Kadikoy, providing information about the urban transformation of the President, Yeldeğirmeni region will be renewed according to the historical texture, he said. Ozturk, 'Fikirtepe'da completion of the work will be an important commercial center,' he said. Kadikoy [more…]

22 Edirne

High-Speed ​​Train Network Across Edirne

The High Speed ​​Train Network Has Taken Into Edirne The AK Party's 81. Provincial Chairman of the Provincial Chairman of the meeting for the Provincial Chairman of the Provincial Governor Müjdat Coffee, held an evaluation meeting. The project is often asked to them and every time they go to Ankara [more…]

35 Izmir

Density Ends Between Metro and Izban

Density Ends Between Metro and Izban Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to eliminate the passenger density experienced while transferring between Metro and İZBAN, will expand the bridges with 2.3 investment and will carry out the escalator installation. Izmir [more…]