35 Izmir

Survey was conducted for İZKARAY Project

A survey was held for İZKARAY Project Institutions are in the decision-making process about the giant investment, while the New Age is organizing a survey to learn the opinion of the people of İzmir. Click here for the survey, 5 billion of great importance for the city [more…]


Artillery Traffic Accident 6 Dead

6 people of the same family were killed in a traffic accident in Borçka district of Artvin this evening. According to the information obtained, 47 FA 53 under the direction of Fehmi Vural (746) in Artvin-Borçka highway Gundundu neighborhood [more…]

35 Izmir

a first monorail system is coming to Izmir in Turkey

A first or zmire monorail system is coming in Turkey The Municipality of Buyuksehir will provide the 2 kilometer system with the XNUMX kilometer system to reach the new exhibition complex where construction works have started in Gaziemir. The system will operate as integrated with the ° ZBAN. M ZMÄ ± R Big City [more…]

35 Izmir

Disabled people at the UBF

Ä Z ZBAN Barrier-access barrier at Ulukent station We continue to evaluate complaints received by us. We review and photograph incoming complaints on the spot. First, we went to the Muz ZBAN Ulukent station on the complaint coming from Muzaffer Karap nar narâ. There's a ramp, [more…]


Overtime work of railway employees

The overtime rebellion of the railroad employees is not endless. Our officers who are trying to move to the continent are challenging the beginning of the month while struggling with overtime. Railway employees are also due to overtime [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Train Station

Haydarpaþa Garağı will meet the historical texture. Kadıkk veren zt de zk, who gave information about urban transformation in Kadikoy, said that Yeldeirmir district will be renewed in accordance with the historical texture. T ztürk is also an important trade with the completion of works in ikFikirtepeâ € [more…]

34 Istanbul

Service Minibus Entered Metrobus Road (Video)

Service Minibus has entered Metrobüs Road D-100 Highway Bahçelievler The minibus that has come out of control at the public ramp has entered the metrobus road. The van, which crossed the barriers, crashed into the cruise metrobus. 3 people injured in the accident in the van, metrobustu [more…]