Trabzon Logistics center wants to open to Asia

The Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association (DKİB) wants to get a larger share of the trade, which is expected to be concentrated in the Caucasus, the Middle East and the Far East in the coming period with the Trabzon Logistics Center they want to be established in Trabzon. Chairman of Board of Directors Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, AA [more…]

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Defective metrobus revolts passengers

Failure of Mecidiyeköy Metrobus, passengers revolted stop waiting. Hundreds of passengers were forced to walk on the road due to deteriorating vehicle Metrobus. Metrobus voyages have failed. Zincirlikuyu- Avcılar Metrobus makes maiden voyage, it broke down near Mecidiyekoy stop in order 01.00 hours. from Tools [more…]


You can eat a penalty at any moment

The first cameras are installed, the X speed aisle yerleştiril system is started instead of “mobile radar u in E-5. With the system that calculates the speed by measuring the transition time between two points, the ones that exceed the 70 limit will be detected and the penalty will be cut. Ataköy coast road with Baghdad Street pilot [more…]

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3. Bosphorus Bridge Tender Amended

Amendments to the Bridge Tender Northern Marmara (including 3. Bosphorus Bridge) Motorway Project Odayeri-Paşaköy (including 3. Bosphorus Bridge) with Build-Operate-Transfer model, construction, operation and construction of the project of the construction period [more…]