With Bursaray, Kestel became a district of Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Kestelli met with the headmen in the meeting, which is one of the fastest developing districts Kestel'ın Bursa has become a neighborhood with the advantages of transportation, he said. Kestel Mayor Yener Acar emphasized that 28 35 has transformed the whole village from the lower and superstructure to service buildings, from sports to historical heritage.

Mayor Recep Altepe met with the headmen of Kestel district in Dobruca Social Facilities. Kestel Mayor Yener Acar also attended the meeting, which provided information about the services provided by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kestel President Altepe, while producing services on one hand, on the one hand to work to produce more resources reminded me of trying to produce resources. In order to bring more services to all Bursa, Altepe said the water bottling plant, which is one of the efforts to produce new resources, is in the district of Kestel and announced that the plant will start production within the 1 month in the last preparations.

Kestel is now a district of Bursa
Underlining that they are in an intensive work to be a period of artifacts left this period, President Altepe, said that before the application of Tümşehir the villages were due to the special administration, but now both the district municipality and the Metropolitan Municipality are now integrating with the city center with the services they take. President Altepe pointed out that they are aiming to make everyone happy by meeting all expectations regarding the superstructure and superstructure. Çeken Kestel became a district of Bursa especially when the metron went to Kestel and Kestel became one of the fastest developing districts. One of the most advantageous districts in terms of transportation. We are working on the completion of the missing. Konu Increasing the number of voyages for the more intensive use of the rail system, quality production for the development of rural development, irrigation ponds, marketing of products continues to work in all areas, m he said.

Rises in Kestel
Kestel Mayor Yener Acar also said that the services of the Metropolitan Municipality in Kestel rises high. Reminding that 28 is 35 neighborhood in the district, Acar said, en There is no problem with infrastructure in all our neighborhoods. In the upper building, only a bit of a nuisance in Babasultan, Aksu, Derekızık and Gözede neighborhoods. BUSKİ has built the infrastructure, there are problems with the superstructure. We have no problems with our service buildings, schools, health homes, sports facilities and the removal of historical heritage. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality for the service provided to our district İl.



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