Kütahya will meet YHT in 2017!

KÜTAHYA Deputy Hasan Fehmi Kinay, Transportation. He announced that they had negotiated with the Ministry of Maritime and Communications, and as a result of these meetings, the project would be revised and Eskişehir-Antalya line would pass through Kütahya. Noting that the Eskişehir-Antalya line project has been completed and the budget is approved, Kinay [more…]

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Metrobuses will be 'fragrant' from now on

A new application begins in metrobuses, which are mostly used among public transportation vehicles in Istanbul. Metrobuses will be 'fragrant' from now on. Fragrance application begins on metrobus lines with a daily passenger number of more than 750 thousand. In the application carried out for the passengers to travel comfortably [more…]


Snow Thickness in Uludag Reached 2 Meters

Snow Thickness in Uludağ Reached 2 Meters According to the information obtained from the General Directorate of Meteorology, the snow thickness in Uludağ reached 2 meters. With the approach of the semester holiday, citizens began to separate their places in ski centers, it was learned that the snow thickness in Uludağ reached 2 meters. [more…]


RayHaber 17.01.2013 Tender Bulletin

Money and Coin Supply to Automatic Vending Machines on the Rail System Line and Turnstile Collection Service Procurement of Traction Hook Purchase Work (TÜVASAŞ) Bellows Upper Tire Purchase (TÜVASAŞ) Construction Work of Canopies of Ankaray Operations Stations Personnel Service [more…]

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Bridges expand in Halkapinar Station

In Halkapınar station, bridges are expanding With the transfer of the metro and İZBAN, Halkapınar Station is moving to eliminate the congestion. With the investment of 2.3 million pounds, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is expanding the bridges and on the other hand it carries out escalators. Izmir [more…]

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Is the subway under the Istanbul metro?

Is the Istanbul subway solid gold? Hunters are reminded that the CHP take three of the city's major subway construction simultaneously District Chairman Bayram Acar in Turkey; “The kilometer of the Istanbul Metro costs 3 million dollars and the Ankara Metro costs 140 million dollars. [more…]

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Metrobus driver pulled a lot of alcoholic passengers

Metrobus driver "I suffered from the alcoholic passenger" I am a Metrobus driver. One night, on the way to Avcılar, an alcoholic passenger got into the vehicle. He stood in my head and spoke constantly; He harassed ... Calendar, from 15 days to Beylikdüzü to Zincirlikuyu, from here to Söğütlüçeşme [more…]

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Bomb panic in İZBAN

Bomb panic in İZBAN İzban Metro, traveling between İzmir, Menderes and Aliağa, Karşıyaka was stopped in an emergency at the station. According to the information received from the authorities, it was reported that there was a suspicious object on the rails. On the probability that the suspect object is a bomb [more…]

Commuter Trains

Second hand wagons

Bursa's Second Hand Wagons in the Assembly İlhan Demiröz, CHP Bursa Deputy and Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commission Member, brought the discussion about the second hand vehicles purchased by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for Bursa Light Rail System (BURSARAY) to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. [more…]

marmaray trains
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Moving 410 Wagon Carriage for Marmaray Project

The move carried 410 wagons for the Marmaray project. Halkalı and Gebze districts with a continuous, modern and high-capacity suburban rail system continues to be connected to the construction of the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Marmaray's wagons, the movement is carrying. Movement on 2010 [more…]

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Balçova Cable Car Facilities Peeling

Balçova Cable Car Facilities are being robbed The Balçova Cable Car Facilities, which was closed due to the rotten report prepared by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers İzmir Branch in 2007, became unprotected and turned into rubble. After evacuating the belongings of the last operator whose contract has been terminated, [more…]

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China to increase rail investments

China will increase investments in railways Chinese Railway Minister Sheng Guangzu said that the government will increase investment in the railway sector to stimulate economic growth. According to the information given by the Chinese Railway Minister Sheng Guangzu, for 2013, with a 2012 percent increase compared to 30 [more…]