Tunnel Works Started

Derince Mayor Dr. Aziz Alemdar said that tunnel works have started in D-100 highway 44 Evler location, which is very important for Derince district. President Alemdar at 60 Houses [more…]

mobese images denied the news that metrobuses had not passed in minutes
34 Istanbul

Minibus Entered Metrobus Way

D-100 Highway Bahçelievler Minibus, which got out of control on the life ramp, entered the metrobus road. Overcoming the barriers, the minibus hit the underground metrobus. 3 people in the van were injured in the accident, while in the metrobus [more…]

16 Bursa

BUDO Tickets Available

BUDO Tickets are on Sale Today: BUDO's tickets, which will start to carry passengers from Bursa and Istanbul on two reciprocal flights, are both online and from the designated Bursaray toll booths. [more…]