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16 Bursa

Retrieving a Scrap Wagon

Buying a Scrap Wagon to Bursara! BURSA Metropolitan Municipality, for the new 8-kilometer stage of BursaRay, will take 30 24-year-old vehicles from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as scrap. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Topbaş'dan metrobus complaint

Metrobus complaint from Topbaş: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, “The Metrobus line has created a serious density. While waiting for around 400 thousand passengers, it caught 800 thousand. Hourly [more…]


I'm coming to trivia bus

Izmite trolleybus is coming Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is conducting various researches in order to solve the congestion in the city traffic of Izmit and to provide faster and more comfortable transportation for the citizens. Metropolitan, now also [more…]


Nazillide Superstructure Continues

Nazilli Municipality road construction and superstructure works continue. Nazilli Yıldıztepe Mahallesi Kurudere Caddesi, the construction works of the traffic and walking path, despite the cold weather conditions [more…]