34 Istanbul

Metrobus Greetings

Metrobus Passengers Applauded Humor. My joke to the passenger who told me to speak on the phone, received applause… I was going home with metrobus last night. My phone rang. I looked for my mother. Like every student [more…]


Beytüşebbap Landslide on the road to Şırnak

Şırnak-Beytüşşebap highway was closed to transportation as a result of landslides due to torrential rainfall. According to information obtained, Şırnak-Beytüşşebap highway, yesterday evening after heavy rainfall occurred due to heavy landslides closed to transportation. Early morning [more…]


Europeans come to ski to the mountains

Tour skiing in the mountains in the Eastern Anatolia Region in the spring began to attract more attention with the efforts to solve the terror problem. Tourists from Germany, Austria, France, Italy on a weekly tour, 3 thousand meters [more…]

16 Bursa

Who is against BUDO

Who is opposed to BUDO. Who called for Altepe in the middle of the sea who is against BUDO? After the dynamic ticket price application like İDO's airline tickets, passengers from Bursa like İDO [more…]